The Pure: To Catch a Fiend (vol 1)

What happens when Detective Shelby Cooper is faced with an armed bank robbery that’s botched by a supposed vampire? Just the type of case that sleuth, Ebenezer Wrath specializes in. Will his strange detective methods uncover the mystery or drag him into facing his equally brilliant, yet deranged, nemesis.

Ethan Wright and the Curse of Silence

Book 1 in the Ethan Wright Series

An oroborus is certainly a strange creature, but what happens if you're bit by one?

After Ethan Wright gets tricked by an Alchemist, he finds out what the magical creature is all about. A new world, sword duels and legendary creatures are all a day in the life for a skilled Alchemist.

But when the Curse of Silence ends, Ethan finds clues to the whereabouts of his missing twin brother while being hunted down by the great Stonewolf. He must learn the ways of alchemy or his journey will end in peril.

Ethan Wright and the Alchemist's Order

Book 2 in the Ethan Wright series

The Mortuus Manus bracelet … the wearer will be unable to die, unless he tells a lie.
Xivon has his eye on the mysterious bracelet as well as snuffing out Ethan Wright, if he gets the chance. With a replacement alchemist urgently needed and a missing Mitan at hand, the alliance forged between Tirguard and Losalfar hangs by a thread. Ethan continues his adventures as he and his friends search for clues to unravel the mystery.

Ethan Wright and the Silver Tongue Alchemist

Book 3 in the Ethan Wright Series

It's tournament day inside the great walls of Tirguard in honor of James Magnus' birthday. The grand event has even attracted Whitehaven's finest competitors, just the diversion Xivon needs to unfurl his evil plot for power.
When Ethan stumbles into the chamber of Cabra, he uncovers more than an introduction to the most evil creature in existence; he comes face to face with his nemesis. With the Five Alchemy Elders at his side, will Ethan be powerful enough to stop Xivon, or will he fall?

Ethan Wright, and the Cave of Mirrors

Book 4 in the Ethan Wright series
Xivon's quest for power has led the Aegis leader to Contabesco to complete a mysterious task, but when rumors of his return reach Tirguard, the city enters a state of panic. With no foreseeable protection by an Orobori, how will Tirguard survive?