Author - Kimbro West

Dear Reader,
My name is Kimbro West, Author of the Ethan Wright series. I consider myself a storyteller first and a writer second. I try to keep my writing clear and concise so it's easy to read, as I want my work to be presented in the most professional manner possible. I've had a great time writing my novels and hope you have a great time reading them. I will always put forth my best effort to bring you the greatest content imaginable.

Also, I wanted to send a personal thank you for considering my books. I know the reader takes a great personal risk when purchasing a book, whether it's one or ten dollars -- the risk being your time. I believe your time is extremely valuable, and I'm honored if you decide to spend it with Ethan and his friends.



Chief Editor - Heidi Lunderberg

I've had the great fortune to work with very talented individuals to make the start of this series a success. Heidi Lunderberg is my Chief Editor as well as a critical component to the Ethan Wright series. She not only addresses spelling and punctuation, but also assists in maintaining consistency throughout the series. She remains my polar opposite and vernacular nemesis, therefore complimenting anything Ethan Wright related – I wouldn’t trust my work in anyone else’s hands. 

Artist - Manthos Lappas

Manthos Lappas is hard at work! He handles all the artwork for the Ethan Wright and The Pure series. He's done a fantastic job with any assignment given. I don’t know what else to say except, he just “get it.” He has the amazing ability to crawl inside your brain and dissect the awesome and somehow get it on paper (er... digital file ... tablet? I dunno what he does! He's a mad scientist though!). He's involved in many other projects, so be sure to find him on facebook